Install SQL Server Express 2019 on Windows

Install SQL Server Express 2019 on Windows

In this blog we are going to see how to install the Microsoft SQLServer 2019 Express Edition on Windows machine.

First we need the installer.

This we can download from microsoft’s site :

After downloading double click on the installer to start installing it.

Click on the Basic Option
Click on the Accept button to proceed
Select desired location and hit Install
It will start downloading the files from the server.
After download is successful, installing will start.
It will take some time to install. After completion this screen will appear having all the information.

At this point, the SQL Server has been successfully installed on your system. Next step is to download and install the Management Studio a.k.a SSMS [SQL Server Management Studio] for managing all the SQL Server related stuff.

Click on install SSMS, it redirect to download location. Click on Close and Exit. Download the SSMS.

SSMS download location.

After downloading the SSMS installer, double click on it to start installation. A prompt as given below would appear.

Select the desired location for installation and hit install button to proceed.
Image showing download progress of SSMS
It will take some time to complete the installation of SSMS. Once finished, this dialog will appear. Hit Close.

Now both Microsoft SQLServer and Management Studio is installed. Next step is to access it. For doing so, search SSMS from start menu.

Click on the highlighted application.
This is splash screen for Management studio.
After opening, it should look like this.

At this point, you can use SQL server. But by default authentication mode is Windows authentication only. You cannot give username and password for authentication. To achieve the same, following steps needs to incorporated.

  • Right click on root node of Object Explorer found on left side pane.
  • Click on properties.
  • Select “Security” option from left top pane “Select a page”.
  • Select “SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode” option from Server authentication.
  • Hit OK.
  • SQL Server Restart is required.
  • Now expand Root node.
  • Expand Security
  • Expand Logins
  • Right click on sa.
  • Click on Properties, dialog will open.
  • Enter the desired password and hit OK.
  • Password has been set for the user “sa”.
  • Now SQLServer can be accessed via both windows authentication as well as server authentication i.e username/password
SQL Server authentication page.

Thanks for reading. That’s all folks!

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