Hello World in C#

Hello World in C#

Writing your first program in C# is fairly simple. All you need is an IDE -> Visual Studio. For this blog, i am using visual studio 2019.

Steps to follow :

Open visual studio

Click on “Create a new Project”, and select “Console App (.Net Core)

Click Next. Give a proper project name like “Hello World” and desired directory and solution name and click “Create”.

It will take some time a load the project.

Visual studio by default write a few line to get started.

using System;

namespace HelloWorld
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
  • Here line one 1 is used for using Console.WriteLine() function. This function lies in this library.
  • Line 3 : denotes the name of namespace
  • Line 5 : declaration of a class
  • Line 7 : Starting point of an application, void means it wont return anything. Static means it does not require instantiation of this class.
  • Arguments are not required here. Application can be invoked with arguments depending on the business logic.
  • Line 9 : It is used for writing “Hello World” to console.
  • Curly braces { } are used to separate the code logic in blocks.
  • Hit F5 or start button on UI to get the output

Here you go! you have your first C# program up and running.

Happy Learning !!!

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